Although it is luxurious watch brand, the best fake Rolex has many loyal fans and its sales are always very large. But now it is very difficult to buy the steel sporty watches of Rolex such as Submariner and Daytona. Many people become to choose the fake Rolex watches from China. But today I will introduce two luxurious Rolex that are not difficult to get.

Rolex Datejust M126333 

If you ask me to introduce a formal Rolex to attend the formal occasions, this Rolex Datejust M126333 replica with champagne dial will be my first suggestion. The gold added makes this timepiece more luxurious and classic.

Rolex Yacht-Master M268655

This fake Rolex Yacht-Master M268655 can be considered as one of the most luxurious sporty model of Swiss Rolex. Comparing with the popular Submariner, this Yacht-Master in 37 mm looks noble and aesthetic.

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