Hello everyone! Today’s model I will introduce is a special fake Rolex Datejust with silver grids dial. The unique grids pattern and concentric circles make the timepiece more recognizable.

The best copy Rolex Datejust is with high quality.
36 MM Copy Rolex Datejust 126234

Comparing with old models of Datejust such as ref.1601, ref.16014 or ref.16234, it is not as retro as the latter. While if comparing to modern Datejust such as ref.126234, it looks very vintage and not as exquisite as the latter. The oversized Arabic numerous hour markers ensure the good legibility of the Rolex Datejust copy with steel bracelet.

The best fake Rolex presents stronger legibility.
Blue Arabic Numerals Hour Markers Fake Rolex

This Swiss Rolex Datejust looks even more fascinating at night for it can exude two different kinds of luster, presenting the high level of watchmaking craftsmanship.

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