Recently DiW has created an amazing model that is modified on basis of perfect fake Rolex GMT-Master II. It is named as Electro Carbon and it is ultra light due to the innovative material. In addition, DiW also creates the fabric strap, presenting the black look that is never seen before in front of us.

Made by the new material, this model is ultra light.
Black Fabric Strap Replica Rolex

The main feature of this Rolex copy with carbon dial is the changed carbon that takes place of the steel. DiW manufactured the carbon case again. Meanwhile, the bezel, dial and other components are all made by the carbon. The weight of this watch is 57.3 grams, which can be considered as the lightest GMT-Master II.

The Rolex GMT-Master II is precious and rare.
Automatic Movement Rolex Replica

Like other Rolex modification models that DiW created before, this imitation watch with carbon case is rare. It is limited to only 10 pieces and the price is 32,490 euros. The blue elements create a rich visual hierarchy.

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