Rolex adopted the bright green bezels into the design of the popular Submariner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Submariner, which is one of the most popular models. It is the perfect replica Rolex Submariner 16610LV, that is also nicknamed as “Kermit”.

The green bezel makes the Rolex more recognizable.
Fabulous Rolex Submariner Knockoff Watches

The black dial knockoff Rolex hadn’t been accepted by Rolex at the beginning. But later it has been pursued by majority watch collectors. What’s more, now it becomes one of the most popular Submariner edition in secondary market.

The green Submariner becomes one of the most popular sporty Rolex now.
Oystersteel Case Copy Rolex 16610LV

Rolex has kept the close relationship with the color green for a long period. For example, the logo, watch cases and tags are all in green. However, GMT-Master is the only sporty model of Rolex with non-black bezels before the launch of the Oystersteel bracelet imitation watch with green bezel of Submariner. 16610 LV is an important milestone of Rolex. It wants to create products that are different from others but these new ones shouldn’t be deviated from the core features of Submariner. So the best method is to change the color of the bezel. LV represents lunette verte in France.

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